We take you on a hunt for groupers and “red devils”! (giant squid)

If you are passionate about fishing, or if you have never tried this sport, call us now to book and come and enjoy a fishing excursion!

Sardinia is one of the most requested destinations for all types of fishing thanks to its crystalline waters and its seabed rich in fish. The scenario is perfect for enjoying a day at the beach in an alternative way!

Our skippers are expert fishermen, they know every seabed and every shoal, and are experts in both techniques from the dinghy and underwater fishing on the seabed. They will be able to guide you in complete safety to discover all the best places to fish, rely completely on their knowledge of the place, you will have nothing to do but relax and enjoy the day!

Durante le sessioni di pesca non è difficile incocciare i diavoli Rossi, calamari giganti che abitano le acque intorno alla Riserva Marina di Capo Carbonara.

Light bottom fishing is the best choice for those who love to spend time on a boat and enjoy a bit of relaxation away from the tourists. This sport fishing technique is ideal near the south-eastern coasts of Sardinia, for catching bream, tanute, bream, paraghi and sea bream.

Unlike the light one, the deep bottom fishing is instead carried out mainly in the seabed off the coasts.

With deep sea bottom fishing, however, we could see the rod bend under the weight of a giant grouper or have to fight with the inevitable barracudas of the Mediterranean.

Fishing equipment is included in the price. You won’t have to think about anything!

Cala Pira
Punta Molentis
Protected paradise
Isola dei Cavoli
Madonna del Naufrago
Villasimius Marina
Let's go!

We leave on time! We ask you to present yourself at the embarkation point (google maps contact page or this link) at least 20 minutes in advance. Add another 10/15 minutes to find parking outside the Villasimius Marina.

We Travel light! You can bring your own drinks and snacks which will be stored in the refrigerators on the dinghies. No shoes but flip flops because it is a good seafaring norm to be barefoot on small boats. We advise you to bring a beach towel, protective creams, goggles or a snorkel mask. For the evening return, for those who are more sensitive to the cold, a light windproof jacket or a long-sleeved shirt could be useful.

It’s fun! It is a dinghy excursion not a visit to the wax museum!

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